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Damo Technology delivers permeation systems, membranes, and solutions to extract components from liquid mixtures via permeation. Discover more about our mission and company history at Damo.

Our Mission

As a part of Damo, we contribute to a sustainable society through the implementation of innovative separation technologies

We excel as both domestic and international leaders in the field of acid-resistant (pH<5) permeation vaporization membrane products, which are widely used in the production and recycling of organic solvents, high-purity reagents, and VOCs across various industries such as biopharmaceuticals, new energy, electronics, and food.

We focus on providing energy-efficient technologies that have a minimal CO2 footprint, fostering a circular society while maintaining cost-effectiveness. We aim to collaborate with our customers and suppliers in finding optimal solutions and respecting everyone’s interests. The safety of our products and processes is non-negotiable and of paramount importance.

Our History

Damo was established by Chunlong Kong, a renowned Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher with an extensive background in membrane technology innovation and development. Upon its inception, the company received support from the government department as a key project in ascientific and technological innovation.

Damo Tech Milestones

2018: Introduction of DMMST-1 membrane with a solvent pH range of 6.5~8.5.

2019: Launch of the enhanced DMMST-2 membrane, compatible with a solvent pH range of 5.0~8.5.

2020: Release of exclusive DMMST-3 technology membrane, suitable for solvent pH levels of 2.0~8.5.

2020: Damo successfully addresses organic acid dehydration and purification challenges.

2020: Expansion of manufacturing capacity and laboratory facilities.

2021: Company relocation to Cixi Venture Park.

2022: Tenfold increase in company performance.

2023: Plans for factory investment and further expansion underway.

Why Damo Membrane

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Efficient PV Membranes for Separation Solution

Are you searching for a groundbreaking solution for the recovery and purification of organic solvents and high-purity reagents? Look no further than the innovative PV membrane developed by DaMo Technology, a leading high-tech enterprise based in Ningbo, China!

DaMo Technology specializes in research, production, and sales of advanced acid-resistant (pH <5) PV membrane products. Our membranes are extensively used in various industries such as biopharmaceuticals, new energy, electronics, food processing, and more, providing unparalleled support for organic solvent, high-purity reagent, and VOCs production and recycling.

Our exclusive, efficient PV membrane offers a pH range of 2-8.5, which fills the void in the international market for organic acid purification. This revolutionary technology delivers exceptional performance in the recovery and reuse of organic solvents, significantly reducing costs and environmental impact for businesses worldwide.

By choosing DaMo Technology, you’ll be investing in a company that continually strives for excellence and innovation, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing customized solutions tailored to your unique needs, enabling you to achieve optimal results and maximum efficiency.

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